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Waste mediation

Waste mediation

HCI ensures the most economical solution for your (dangerous) waste flows. We combine our independent position with our extensive knowledge of all treatment and recycling installations in the Netherlands and Belgium. This results in the best and economically most profitable solution per waste flow. We stand out of the competition because of our independent position.

Lansink's Ladder

All waste flows are treated in accordance with Lansink’s Ladder. Lansink’s Ladder is a waste hierarchy that consists of four ways of waste treatment. Prevention has the highest priority (A). This is followed by a reuse with the highest possible value (B and C). The third pillar in the waste hierarchy is burning the waste in order to generate energy (D and E). The least desired option is waste dumping or waste drain (F).


  • (Petro)chemical)
  • Food processing industry
  • Steel industry
  • Waste managers
  • Power plants

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