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Cooling section cleaning

Cooling section cleaning

After many years of use and increasing pollution, refrigeration plants lose capacity. A loss that eventually influences your production process and your results. HCI brings your refrigeration plants back to the original capacity level.

Applicable techniques cooling section cleaning

  • Wet cleaning by means of our in-house developed automated system (LARA)
  • Dry cleaning by means of sodium bicarbonate

The advantage of wet cleaning is that this method does not create emission in the air.

Lara system

The experts of HCI have developed an own innovative cleaning system for the cleaning of cooling plants; the Lara system. This system is mounted on the cooling section and follows a pattern so that an effective cleaning is executed.


  • (Petro)chemical
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Waste Managers
  • Power Plants

Want to know more about cooling section cleaning by HCI?

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