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Chemical-Technical cleaning

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HomeProducts & servicesIndustrial cleaningChemical-Technical cleaning

Chemical-Technical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a valuable alternative for cleaning under high pressure. HCI advises to apply chemical cleaning on installations that are physically difficult to reach or for non-entry applications.

Benefits chemical cleaning

  • Not labour-intensive
  • No need to dismantle the installation
  • The neutralized residual materials can be drained at the client’s premises or transported to an certified processor.



  • (Petro)chemical
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Waste Managers
  • Power Plants

Applications chemical cleaning

  • Cleaning of heat exchangers and piping systems
  • Cleaning of steam boilers
  • Cleaning of plate coolers
  • Degassing of installations


Applicable techniques

  • Circulating with or without temperature
  • Rinsing of systems


Working method chemical cleaning

  • The installation is partially separated from the process
  • Connect cleaning devices
  • Select chemicals based on the nature and the kind of pollution and the material of the installation that needs to be cleaned
  • Pollution is removed by the circulation of chemicals
  • Neutralize and rinse again the installation
  • The used chemicals are neutralized to a neutral pH value and evacuated at the client’s premises or transported to a certified processor.


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