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Suction vehicles

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HomeVehicle fleetSuction vehicles

Suction vehicles

Benefits suction vehicles

  • Various sizes and loading capacity : 8, 13, 16, 23 and 28 m³
  • Vacuum tanks finished in steel or RVSstainless steel
  • Compressor to empty press the vacuum tank empty yourself (with a max of 2 bar)
  • Connection to press the vacuum tank empty by means of nitrogen
  • Ohmse hoses
  • Adapted hoses (acid and chemicals resistant) possible
  • ADR certified
  • Provided with built-on or modular gas washer in order to prevent emissions
  • Suitable for transport of hazardous (waste) materials, as a liquid or solid


Capacity suction vehicles

Our smallest suction vehicle has a content of 0,5 m³ and a loading capacity of 1 ton. The biggest vehicles have a content of 28m³ with a loading capacity of 28 tons. The capacity of the vacuum pumps (water ring) varies between 1500m²/hour and 3500m²/hour rand create a maximum under-pressure of -0.9 bar

Our units comply with all legal safety requirements, SIR certification, ADR/VLG and many more.

Submitted during for 2 months to pressure tests with certificate for a period of 2 months.

Want to know more about our suction vehicles?

Would you like to know what we can offer in the field of vacuum cleaning? Are you looking for a solution for a specific application or problem? Or would you like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your organization? Please do not hesitate and contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.