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Safety Units

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Safety Units

The HCI safety units autonomously provide breathing air . The units are equipped with communication options both in image and sound, focusing on one or multiple persons at the same time. Our safety units offer the possibility to film the activities and make measurements at the same time. If desired, these video files can be delivered on a USB stick after finishing the works.

These safety units and other oxygen equipment are used during accessing of closed spaces, as a comfort in case of odour nuisance, during cleaning of dirty equipment, etc.

The HCI units are constructed in various ways. We look for the most efficient solution for our clients. We customize our solutions to the job.


Want to know more about our safety units?

Would you like to know what we can offer in the field breathing air material? Are you looking for a solution for a specific application or problem? Or would you like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your organization? Please do not hesitate and contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.