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Our policy requires us to execute our work in a safe and healthy way, environmentally conscious, quality focused and without causing any damage.

We are only able to score in other fields, such as reliability, quality and profitability if safety is well managed!

With our management systems, we want to prevent all unwanted cases and harmful consequences for humans, the environment and machinery. Every undesirable situation should be prevented. Our managers take action with respect to their responsibility in the fields of safety, health, environment and quality, both in the preparation and in the execution phase.


Training programme

Safety first! It is in everyone’s interest to guarantee that the safety standard is maintained on a high level. Only in this way everyone can return home safely at the end of the works.

An intensive training and education programme contributes to the strong performances. Everything starts with the introduction of new colleagues. Then, a continuous repetition and training is organized during, among others, toolboxes, pre-work consultation and stand-up sessions. During recent years HCI has built an excellent reputation in the field of automated cleaning and the application of alternative techniques.

The different automatons developed by HCI lead to the prevention of people “in the line of fire”. These developments have the additional advantage that they increase the quality of cleaning. In order to increase the safety level, project leaders and supervisors also hold the certificate of safety for operational managers (Full VCA).